Anti-Cardio Upper Body Fat Loss Circuit – Landmine Edition Ft. David Morin

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Anti-Cardio Upper Body Fat Loss Circuit – Landmine Edition Ft. David Morin


Look – having a fully stacked gym is great – but you don’t need all these fancy machines to stay ripped and lean, year-round.

David Morin from Blue Star Nutraceuticals is running you through an upper body workout that you can do at home, on the road, or practically anywhere you go.

Best of all, you can crank your fat burning metabolism through the roof up to 38 hours after you leave the gym, without spending a minute on traditional boring cardio taking advantage of something called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (or EPOC for short).

Ready to deepen those lines of separation in your shoulders, and see your abs pop in a whole new way?

This is the Anti-Cardio Upper Body Fat Loss Circuit – Landmine Edition!

For this workout, you’ll do 6 exercises in circuit fashion.

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds using 50% of your 1 Rep Max.

For example, if you can Landmine Row 200lbs for a 1 Rep Max, you’ll use 100lbs for this exercise.

Perform all 6 exercises back-to-back with less than 10 seconds rest between until you have completed all 6 exercises – that is one round.

Take 2 minutes to rest and rehydrate with AminoFast™ between each round.

Repeat the entire circuit for a total of 5 rounds.

Your goal is to complete this workout in under 45 minutes.

Exercise #1: Bent Landmine Rows
Keep your back straight, chest up. Keep your torso parallel to the floor and pull with your elbows to row the weight into your lower chest, squeezing at the top.

A big mistake you’ll see guys make as they start to fatigue is they’ll begin to stand more upright or swing the weight up with their body. A little body english is ok – but try to keep your upper body parallel to the floor and do these right if you really want to grow that back.

Exercise #2: Landmine Incline Chest Press
Stand in front of the end of the bar, holding the end of the barbell at chest height, then drive the weight straight up in front of you, squeezing your hands inwards as you press the weight up to activate your chest – remember to squeeze hard at the top, then lower under control and repeat until time is up! You should really feel this in the upper and inner chest fibers.

Exercise #3: Meadow Row Into 1-Arm Overhead Press
These are going to tax your lats and shoulders all in one fluid movement. Begin with the weight on the ground standing perpendicular to the bar. Stagger your left leg in front of your right, pull with your elbow and row the end of the bar up with your right arm. As the bar approaches hip height, rotate your grip under the bar then drive your arm up directly overhead into a shoulder press, control the weight back down to the ground, switch sides and repeat, alternating side to side until the time is up.

Exercise #4: Landmine Oblique Twists.
Stand facing the landmine. Hold the end of the bar in both hands at chest height, control the weight as you twist down to your left hip, then explosively return the weight to the starting position, repeat on the right side. Continue alternating side to side, focusing on bracing the core and twisting from the obliques until the time’s up.

Exercise #5: Landmine Biceps Circles
This one’s great for working the biceps, traps, core stability and shoulders all in one. Stand facing the landmine. Hold the end of the bar in both hands with an underhand grip at waist height. Raise the bar in a circular motion to the left bringing the bar up to lower chest height and back down to the waist again. Perform 30 seconds circling one direction, then reverse directions for the remaining 30 seconds.

Exercise #6: Side-to-Side Renegade Rows Into Push-Ups
To finish off we’re going to really exhaust the back, arms, chest and shoulders with this multi-movement exercise. Setup in push-up position facing the landmine set up. Begin with your left arm on the end of the bar, row the weight up, pulling with your elbow, then drop into a push-up, once at the top, roll the weight across to your right arm, row the weight up and perform a push-up with your right arm on the bar. Repeat, alternating side-to-side until time is up!

And that’s the Anti-Cardio Upper Body Fat Loss Circuit – Landmine Edition! Way to go!

The next time you find yourself “stuck” with limited equipment. Grab a bar and some plates and crank out this killer workout in place of traditional boring cardio or tack this on to the end of your regular workouts 3-4 days per week and you’ll start to see incredible results in your upper body strength and definition.

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