I’m 5”2’ and 163 lbs. I really want to get down to… – STAY FIT

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I’m 5”2’ and 163 lbs. I really want to get down to… – STAY FIT

Hi! Thanks
for your message.

First of
all, since you say yourself that you have a “really, really hard time” getting
yourself to work out, maybe it makes sense for you to lose some weight
beforehand. Maybe that will make it easier for you to work out. If weight loss
is your (main) goal, you will have to keep your diet in check anyway. I am
often tempted to eat just one piece of chocolate or an extra bit of cheese to
“reward” myself for working out or just a bit more pasta because I have lost
soooo many calories during workout. Unfortunately, it’s rather easy to thwart
the weight loss effects of working out 😉

If you want
to start working out right away (which in my opinion should have positive
effects on your mental health issues), maybe one of the following tips might

  • Honestly,
    I am not motivated every time I work out, especially when I do muscle training
    or ride an hour on my stationary bike (even with the TV running it’s sooo
    boring). But – BUT – I always feel
    better after I complete my sessions. My body feels better and my mind too, because
    I successfully completed training. Setting yourself goals and completing them
    should (normally) provide you with a feeling of content and satisfaction,
    provided the goal makes sense and has positive effects (see next point below).
    I believe you will feel better when you complete a workout session. And even if
    not, I don’t think you will feel worse (even though I don’t know what kind of
    mental health issues you are suffering from).

  • Set
    yourself reasonable goals. Losing weight takes time. Getting fit as well. You
    cannot get from zero fitness to running 5 miles or doing 10 push-ups within a
    day. Start with running half a mile, for instance, or just two push-ups, maybe
    with breaks in between. Sounds little, and it is little in fact, but so what? Even Jessie Graff once had troubles
    with her first push-up. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t try to run as
    fast as others, or as long distances. Set yourself reasonable goals, which you
    can achieve. Otherwise you will get frustrated and eventually stop working out.
    And believe me, if you keep going you will notice a steady increase in your fitness.

  • Picture
    yourself, what you want to look like and – more importantly – how you want to
    feel when you have achieved your goal. And then picture yourself achieving the
    goal for today’s workout. Imagine yourself running that half mile even if the
    sky looks like rain. Imagine doing those two push-ups even if you have to moan
    and puff like a diesel engine. It’s like looking forward to a cool film at the
    movies or going shopping to finally get that new smartphone. Only now it is
    your body you are looking forward to. The step-by-step goals on your personal
    road to fitness.

  • Make
    a contract with yourself. Agree with yourself that you keep working out for,
    let’s say, four weeks for starters. Even if it’s boring as hell, your muscles
    get sore (which they will) and you absolutely hate it, follow through and
    complete those four weeks. Why? Because if you follow through you will feel an
    increase in your fitness. Then you will be fitter as now. You may not have lost
    that much weight and most likely don’t see any muscles yet, but you are on your
    way. I am sure your body will feel better then. Hopefully, your mind too and
    you keep working out.

  • Starting
    to work out doesn’t take much time. Going down and doing push-ups doesn’t even
    take one minute (when you’re just starting that is ;). Running half a mile or a
    mile takes maybe 20-30 minutes (including putting on running attire and taking
    a shower afterwards). Look at your watch and think “Well, in 20 minutes I will
    have already completed my work out. Just 20 bloody minutes”. That’s the time it
    takes to fetch a take away coffee, or go to the supermarket or maybe look for a
    parking spot downtown. Working out does not take much time (when you’re
    starting). Sessions will be over sooner than you think 😉

  • Maybe
    a fitness app may make sense for you. I haven’t tried any, perhaps a follower
    can help out here?

  • Maybe
    watching sports videos on youtube may motivate you. Look for “inspiring
    athletes” or “most inspiring sports moments” or just look for a sport you
    generally like.

  • If
    you have a dog and can “borrow” one from a neighbor or a friend, you might want
    to take him with you while working out. Running with a dog – provided you can
    keep him under control – is a lot of fun, if you like animals.

  • If
    it is others you are concerned about (grinning or laughing at you, because of
    your weight or of your lack of fitness), the best way to deal with them is by
    paying no attention to them. I know, way easier said than done. But don’t let them
    win. You don’t need to go to the gym to work out. You can do muscle training at
    home, buy a stationary bike or run in quiet areas. Get fit and then show them!
    Image how proud you’ll be of yourself (I know from personal experience 😉

  • As
    already mentioned above, it will make sense to adjust your diet. Skipping on
    fizzy drinks and snacks alone may cause you to lose 5-10 pounds (depending on
    how much of those you consume). For comparison: When I ride on my stationary
    bike for 75 minutes the computer tells me I have lost around 800 calories or
    so. One (!) fast food meal alone may easily have more than 800 calories. So one
    cheeseburger translates into approx. 35mins of cycling. Here too I think small
    steps make more sense than cutting down from fizzy drinks, fast food and
    cookies to vegan nutrition and drinking only water from one day to another.

I hope this
is (at least a bit) helpful. All the best! Feel free to message me in case you
have any more questions or would like to chat. It might take me some days to
answer (unfortunately I don’t have that much time anymore for this blog) but I
will answer.

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